MIS Comprenhensive Exam

This page has been developed by Dr. Rick Weible Marshall University as a location to share information on the development of a comprehensive exam for students graduating with an MIS degree.
You are invited to participate in this process. Please feel free to use any information available on this site and post additional information.
As the assessmentof learning process has evolved and based on my desire for an inexpensive method of evaluating the overall knowledge and progress students in the Marshall University MIS program are making, I determined to develop a comprehensive exam. My vision is to administer the exam during the beginning of a students junior year and again at the end of the senior year. My primary objective is to determine how much my students learn and more importantly what they are not learning.
There are comprehensive exams available in the MIS area such as The Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) - Educational Foundation's IS2010 Examination - http://iseducation.org/IS2010_Exam.php and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) - http://www.isaca.org/Certification/CISA-Certified-Information-Systems-Auditor/Pages/default.aspx. But these exams are both costly.
My goal was to develop a very inexpensive exam, free.
To develop a comprehensive list of topics, I turned to the IIS 2010 curriculum guide - http://www.acm.org/education/curricula/IS%202010%20ACM%20final.pdf as my primary source. Topics List - IS_2010_Curriculum_Guideline_topics.htm
The ICCP - Educational Foundation's IS2010 Examination offers a subject list on their website - IS2010_2-LEVEL_SUBJECT_OUTLINE.htm
I have developed a comparison chart of these two sources for the development of this free MIS comprehensive exam - Comparison Chart
With the input from others I planned to show the full list of topics covered by this exam.
I have begun developing questions and would like any input you can offer as to question types, questions to use, strategies or question development, etc.

Below are my suggests with links to pages with questions on each topic set or subtopics.
Weible's Topic List
IS 2010.1.0 foundations of information systems
1.1 information systems in organizations
1.2 information system components and infrastructure
1.3 valuing information systems
1.4 information system infrastructure
1.5 Business Intelligence
1.6 Enterprise systems
1.7 security of information systems
1.8 globalization
IS 2010.2.0 data and information management
2.1 database approach
2.2 Logical data model - Normalization
2.3 Physical data model
2.4 database languages - SQL
2.5 data and database administration
2.6 transaction processing
2.7 data/information architecture
2.8 data quality management
IS 2010.3.0 enterprise architecture
3.1 enterprise architecture frameworks
3.2 Service oriented architecture
3.3 Systems integration
3.4 monitoring and metrics for infrastructure and business processes
3.4 business continuity
3.5 Total cost of ownership and return on investment
3.6 Software as a service
3.7 Enterprise data models
IS 2010.4.0 IT infrastructure
4.1 Core computing system architecture concepts
4.2 Core technical components of computer-based systems
4.3 Operating systems
4.4 Networking
4.5 Data centers
4.6 Grid computing
4.7 Cloud computing, computing as a service
IS 2010.5.0 IS project management
5.1 introduction the project management
5.2 the project management lifecycle
5.3 managing project teams and communications
5.4 project initiation and planning
5.5 managing project scheduling
5.6 managing project resources
5.7 managing project quality and risks
5.8 systems procurement
5.9 project execution, control and closure
IS 2010.6.0 systems analysis and design
6.1 business process management
6.2 structure in IT-based opportunities and projects
6.3 analysis and specification system requirements
6.4 implementation strategies
6.5 design and analysis
6.6 specifying implementation
6.7 different approaches to systems analysis and design
IS 2010.7.0 IS strategy, management and acquisition
7.1 IS strategic alignment
7.2 strategic use of information
7.3 structuring the IS organization
7.4 IS planning
7.5 acquiring information technology resources and capability

IS 2010 Curriculum Guidelines – http://www.acm.org/education/curricula/IS%202010%20ACM%20final.pdf
The Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals - http://iccp.org/

Educational Foundation - http://iseducation.org

IS2010 Examination - http://iseducation.org/IS2010_Exam.php